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Each parent must establish and maintain his or her own relationship with the children. Neither of you should act as a mediator between the children and the other parent. And, neither of you should act as the defense attorney, presenting a child’s case to the other parent.Parents of troubled teens need a value system. All parents already have one, and might just be unaware of it. First lets locate and identify your value system. In order to learn about your value system start by identifying some of your common family rules. One common rule might be cleaning your room or the house. Take that rule and ask why. Why do we clean our house? Why do we clean our rooms? Some answers might be, because you don’t want bugs in your house from leaving it such a mess. Or, you don’t want the leftovers to smell up the whole house after they rot. Those are values. You value not living in an insect-infested home. You value nice smells and scents in your home.